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      NLP 3 and Communication

     This website offers a free tutorial for better communicating... NLP ( neurolinguistic programming ) and Communication are strictly related. NLP 3 is the step beyond NLP. The effectiveness of MODERN NLP (also called NLP3) in the field of relationships, is based on the understanding of the deepest aspects of our converser. 

     Some instruments have been developed, which will allow you to: recognise the representational leanings mostly employed by your converser through his/her non verbal behaviour and the linguistic forms he/she utilizes; decrypt the mental tendencies of your converser employing the Satir categories; design the mental devices of persuasion, motivation, decision, learning, love of the people who achieve outcomes in this field; rearrange these mental strategies and achieve the same outcomes; understand beliefs, values, the meta-programs of the people who we interact with, 

even those who are considered odd, and unintelligible so far and establish more effective communicative relationships; through Enneagramma pictures, to have a more correct approach to the needs of the people you live with. Why, do some people constantly achieve positive outcomes, while some others, although endowed with personal skills and capabilities meet difficulties in achieving such a success? 

     MODERN NLP provides an answer to this question: individuals who have achieved excellence in their own field, employ a common mental pattern for the definition of their desired aims. It has been shown, that the brain, to be able to direct an individual's behaviours towards the achievements of the outcomes of interest, has to organize its own resources in a very accurate way.